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Arts Groups Protest Canadian Satellite Radio

Arts Groups Protest Canadian Satellite Radio

Last week, we reported that a coalition of arts groups in Canada was pondering whether to appeal the government’s decision to allow satellite radio there.
Now the groups have formally asked the government to set aside the decision or refer it back to the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission for reconsideration.
A total of nine groups made the request in a letter to the Canadian cabinet. They include the Canadian Independent Record Production Association, the Directors Guild of Canada, the Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union of Canada, the National Campus & Community Radio Association, the Songwriters Association of Canada, the Writers Guild of Canada and the Association of Canadian Television and Radio Artists.
The groups believe the Canada-originated channel requirements for Sirius or XM to move into Canada are not enough. Regulators have said each satcaster may offer “a maximum” of nine channels for each Canadian channel. The satcasters must also contribute 5% of their gross revenues to initiatives for developing Canadian talent, a sum the protesting groups call “modest.”
All three applicants, XM, Sirius and CHUM, are within the period in which they can decide whether to proceed with the restrictions or ask that they be changed.