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ASCAP’s Airplay Venture Updates Its Lineup

ASCAP's Airplay Venture Updates Its Lineup

The battle for headlines among airplay measurement companies continues.
Now Mediaguide said it has updated its product line. The firm measures 2,500 radio and TV stations for airplay analysis.
The lineup includes MusicMonitor, a service aimed at record labels and promoters; ArtistMonitor, for independent artists and their managers; StationMonitor, offered to radio PDs and operators; and SongMonitor, for songwriters, composers and music publishers to track performance of music compositions.
The company also is marketing airplay charts covering top songs and albums, and is looking for partners to publish them. The organization claims it provides more airplay coverage than its competitors combined.
Mediaguide is run by ASCAP and ConneXus Corp. SongMonitor will also be used in an updated broadcast monitoring and distribution system for ASCAP music creators next year.