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At Work Listening Skyrockets Day of Attack

At Work Listening Skyrockets Day of Attack

AM News/Talk stations saw dramatic increases in audience size and total number of hours streamed last Tuesday compared to the previous Tuesday, MeasureCast reports.
Some stations saw the total time spent listening to their online stations jump to record numbers the day of the terrorist attacks.
For example, Bryan Broadcasting’s KZNE(AM) in College Station, Texas streamed 2,181 hours of programming to 1,397 listeners, an 8,988 percent increase over the 24 hours of news and talk streamed to 19 people the Tuesday before the attack.
“Because major news organization’s Websites were overwhelmed and operating slowly last Tuesday and because many people don’t have TVs or radios in their offices, thousands of office workers tuned in to Internet radio to get the latest information of the terrible attacks,” said MeasureCast CEO Ed Hardy.
“I tuned in to a local Portland, Ore. station — KOTK(AM) — because it streamed CNN’s programming all day long. This is indicative of the growing importance and growing popularity of Internet radio.”