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Atlantic Radio Upgrades With Netia

Casablanca-based station uses Radio-Assist 8.2 for production and distribution

Moroccan radio group Atlantic Radio, part of the Eco-Medias Group, has upgraded to version 8.2 of Netia’s Radio-Assist digital audio software suite.

According to Netia, the installation provides the foundation for a complete shift to digital broadcasting while enabling operators to take advantage of the familiar functionality and interfaces they know from the initial Radio-Assist system deployed in 2006.

“Radio-Assist offers an extensive range of features critical to the operation of a modern broadcast station,” said Rachid Mounaouar, technical director at Atlantic Radio. “Given this robust functionality and the familiarity of our operators with th

e Netia software, the upgrade to version 8.2 was an easy and logical decision. Also, as we move forward with our migration to digital operations, the Netia software will support a fluid transition.”

The new Radio-Assist 8.2 installation at Atlantic Radio’s Casablanca facilities comprises more than 32 workstations for editing, planning, and recording. Operators use Netia’s broadcast module for production and distribution. New features introduced in Radio-Assist 8.2 include cloud-based management, giving users the ability to access the system database from any network-connected workstation.