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Atmel Finds Use at iBiquity

Company makes microcontroller technology

A California microcontroller manufacturer said iBiquity Digital is using its products for its HD Radio reference design platforms. Atmel Corp. said its AVR XMEGA and AVR32 product families are being used.

Consumer audio manufacturers use the reference designs in the development of their products. “Both the AVR XMEGA and AVR32 processor families are used in a number of HD Radio designs for user interface and control functions,” the company stated.

“Atmel’s AVR32 32-bit microcontrollers provide increased processing power for a number of varied HD Radio designs including MP3 decoding, USB connectivity, and iPod docking applications that are now being shipped throughout the world.”

Atmel promotes the AVR XMEGA microcontroller family for low active and standby current consumption, among other benefits.