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Atsinger Upbeat on Salem Outlook

Atsinger Upbeat on Salem Outlook

Salem Communications said its net broadcast revenue was up 3.8% in the first quarter.
President/CEO Ed Atsinger called the quarter’s advertising environment challenging for all broadcasters, with industry revenue flat compared to the comparable period last year.
“Positives for Salem for the quarter included our News Talk stations, which posted 7% same station revenue growth, our consistent local and national block programming business, which grew revenue by 7% over last year on a same station basis, and our Internet business which achieved 30% revenue growth over last year.”
He said he is optimistic for the company’s outlook. “Nearly half of our radio stations are in a start-up or early development stage and there is substantial upside if we can successfully take these stations to maturity. Furthermore, we have made it a priority to develop a new media strategy that embraces technology as a growth opportunity.”
Salem has or is buying a total of 104 radio stations. It also is has syndication, publishing and Internet content businesses.

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