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Audacy CRO Weighs in on the Relevance of Audio

He calls audio "the ultimate companion medium" - immediate, intimate, portable and trusted

Recently, Brian Benedik, CRO of Audacy, wrote a column detailing the power of audio and it’s ability to transcend competitors by being immediate, intimate, portable and trusted — not to mention a valuable asset for advertisers. These were some of his main points.

Brian Benedik, CRO of Audacy

Having joined the company in December 2021, Benedik said one of the things that drew him to the Audacy team was the investments the company is making in technology.

“Once upon a time, advertisers thought radio’s only real strength was its ability to share a message efficiently to a huge portion of the public,” Benedik told Fast Company. “While it’s true that Audio remains a great reach medium, the digital age has also made it very precise.”

He said this “precision” is audio’s greatest differentiator — and in turn makes audio platforms better and more efficient at reaching target consumer audiences, which, in turn, attracts advertisers.

In the digital age, as more media platforms arise, the conversation surrounding the relevance of audio, and whether or not broadcast platforms such as radio will survive, continues.

Benedik, however, is certain that audio entertainment is going nowhere. He calls audio “the ultimate companion medium” — additive to whatever else the consumer may be doing, whether its cooking a meal, grocery shopping or driving to work.

In fact, despite it being the oldest of all electronic media, AM/FM radio still holds the top position in The Infinite Dial 2022’s survey of in-car media.

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Benedik argues that the audio industry will continue to flourish as it is portable and easily accessible. Plus, a rise in listening to audio platforms such as podcasting have only sweetened the deal.

He also notes that audio is the most trusted and relied upon media, a statement corroborated by a recent study called “Exploring the Brand Benefits of Trust and Companionship in Audio.” According to the study, 55% of participants said they listen to commercials more often on radio and in podcasts than on any other medium.

Chris Yarusso, national audio practice lead for PMX, the investment arm of Publicis Media, said, “With the resiliency of radio and recent explosion of the podcasting space, audio influencers have emerged as a new avenue for advertisers to continue to connect with audiences in authentic ways.”

“It’s an intimate experience with voices, content, and brands that people not only trust but build their day around,” Benedik told Fast Company. “That intimacy means users are more engaged with audio than any other medium. None scores higher in trust. And it’s why I’m here [at Audacy].”

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