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Audemat Acquires APT Broadcast Codec Division

'Working towards turnkey solutions' is its goal; meantime, APT retains licensing business including McKenna & McClintock

The Audemat Group has acquired the broadcast equipment business of APT.

APT, based in Ireland, recently split itself into two pieces, along what had been something of a natural business divide: on one hand, a licensing entity for the company’s algorithm technology; on the other, a broadcast equipment entity now called APT Ltd., which is familiar to radio engineers for its codec hardware line.

With this week’s announcement the APT broadcast business is peeled off and sold to Audemat, while the licensing business remains with its current shareholders. An Audemat official tells RW today that Jonny McClintock and Noel McKenna stay with the licensing business; other key codec staff move to Audemat with the broadcast piece.

Audemat, headquartered in France, describes the benefits this way : “For several years Audemat has been working towards providing turnkey solutions to its customers throughout the broadcast chain. The APT product line, which comprises award-winning IP audio codecs and multiplexers, complements Audemat’s existing product line of transmitters (sold under the brand name Ecreso) and monitoring site products. The result is a formidable new coalition within the industry offering uniquely integrated and easy-to-use solutions.”

In the announcement, Audemat also stated, “The objective of the newly formed group is to exceed 25 million euros/$32 million in 2010 and become a major player in strategic markets.” The board of that group consists of Mark Weir as general manager, Kevin Campbell as sales director and Greg Massey as technical director. Jean-Baptiste Roux was appointed president of the board of directors.

Audemat has been growing. It recently acquired Nortek, a TV company in France. It opened an office in New Delhi last month and another in Beijing last year. Another subsidiary is in Miami.

Shown are Noel McKenna, CEO of APT Licensing Ltd., and Bruno Rost, president of the Audemat Group. Noel McKenna of APT stated, “We wish our colleagues from the broadcast equipment division and its management team every success in its new future within the Audemat group.”