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Audemat, AEQ Will Partner

Audemat also announced additional investors.

AEQ and Audemat will be working more closely together.

Separately, Audemat announced in late May it has two new financial backers.

AEQ and Audemat — based in Spain and France respectively, but with sales operations elsewhere including a presence in the United States — announced an alliance “to join their sales efforts on specific projects in the southwest of France, Spain and Portugal,” as well as compete jointly in turnkey projects in other radio and TV markets.

“After several meetings, the management of AEQ and Audemat has confirmed a partnership which will be of mutual benefit for both parties, as there are many synergies in terms of market, product focus and scope in defined geographical areas,” the companies stated.

“AEQ will promote Audemat products and solutions to defined/specific Portuguese and Spanish clients. Audemat will promote AEQ products and solutions to specific areas and customers in France. Both Engineering/Project departments will be able to offer complete turnkey solutions consisting of radio studios and transmitter sites in Africa, South America, Asia and the Middle Eastern regions.”

Audemat has been in growth and acquisition mode of late, though it made no indication of whether the deal with AEQ is indicative of any such move. It has opened subsidiaries in Beijing and Miami; and the group recently acquired transmitter manufacturer Ecreso and monitoring and test equipment manufacturer Nortek.

Last week Audemat announced that CDC Enterprises and IRDI/ICSO are new investment partners, joining GALIA Gestion and Innovacom, which have been investing since 2006.

“The significance of this agreement for Audemat is to form a group of investors capable of supporting their growth strategy,” it stated. Audemat says it has increased sales 300 percent over the past three years for a consolidated total sales of $23.4 million (15.3 million euros) at the end of 2007. Bruno Rost is president of Audemat’s board.