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Audemat Intro’s Lower-Priced Measuring Tool

Audemat Intro's Lower-Priced Measuring Tool

An award-winning field-strength system is now available in a more affordable version.
The Fieldstar mobile RF field-strength measuring unit from Audemat measures up to 99 stations at once. The unit displays information on maps of the coverage area of all stations received in a target market.
Fieldstar is designed for controlling FM signal deviation and power to optimize coverage area and reception quality. It lets broadcasters measure and display results of their analysis and analysis of the competition.
The company said it created the simpler system after demos of its FM-MC-3.2 at NAB2000, which won a Cool Stuff Award from RW. That unit, with a list price near $20,000, has capabilities that U.S. broadcasters may not use or already have, such as base-band analysis, audio and modulation analysis.
Fieldstar includes GPS receiver and RDS decoder, automatic measurement of up to 99 stations on a professional FM receiver with an optional cartographic (map) display. The list price is $14,000.
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Paul Cogan