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Audemat-Aztec Plans Two Products for HD Radio Market

Audemat-Aztec Plans Two Products for HD Radio Market

Coming up on NAB convention time, suppliers are starting to roll out their new product news.
Audemat-Aztec will introduce two at NAB targeting the HD Radio market.
NAVIBOC is a mobile metering unit for coverage analysis of HD and FM signals. It includes a GPS receiver for automatic mapping overlay.
GoldenEagle HD is a monitoring unit for the permanent monitoring of the quality and continuity of HD and FM signals as well as PAD and RBDS data. An embedded spectrum analyzer is available as an option to monitor power of the sidebands and other parameters. Features include an embedded Web server and SMTP server for alarms notification and a touchpad screen. At the transmitter site, it can be used as a remote control unit by adding up to 16 digital inputs, 16 metering channels and 16 relays
An AM version is planned for later this year, and the FM version can then be upgraded to include AM.