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Audio Education Conference From AES

Education emphasis next week at MTSU in Tennessee

The Audio Engineering Society is holding a conference dedicated specifically to audio education, a first for the group.

According to a release, the conference “will focus on teaching methods, instructional resources, learning outcomes, technical operations, industry relations and related topics that impact the theoretical and practical aspects of professional audio education.”

The society notes that audio education has expanded and that has “practical questions that administrators and faculty face managing audio as a discipline within educational institutions. For example, what skill sets should students develop and what career options can they pursue? What are the practical and financial implications of acquiring, installing and maintaining necessary equipment and infrastructure? How does the popularity of distance learning affect audio education? What role can audio education play in local artistic and economic initiatives and community development?”

According to a release 120 educators and industry personnel will be involved in sessions, presentations, workshops and discussion. They’ll address, “pedagogy, curriculum design and instructional resources; internships, employment and career counseling; partnerships with industry and professional organizations, learning outcomes and academic standards, accreditation and program administration.”

Detailed information can be found here.