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Audioarts Enhances R-55e, Adds D-75 Mixer

Audioarts Enhances R-55e, Adds D-75 Mixer

Wheatstone’s Audioarts Engineering division will show an enhanced R-55e analog radio on-air console at NAB in April.
Features include illuminated LED switches and a flip-up meterbridge that provides access to I/O connectors and logic programming dipswitches.
Also new from Audioarts is the D-75 digital audio mixer, intended for small to medium-sized markets. It’s modular and comes with four stereo busses, dual-domain outputs, sample rate conversion on digital inputs and interchangeable input module daughter cards for analog-to-digital field switches.
The hinged meterbridge swings up for access to dipswitch programming. New LED meter displays provide full-scale digital peak plus VU metering. Switching features LED illumination; the console has an automatic timer, machine interface and clock.