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Audioarts R-55e Ships; Replaces Two Models

Audioarts R-55e Ships; Replaces Two Models

Wheatstone said it is now shipping its new Audioarts R-55e console; the R-90 and R-55 are being phased out.
“We will continue to service and support the R-90 and R-55, and have replacement modules and parts available for both,” said company VP Andy Calvanese. “They were introduced a few years back and they are all various versions of the same basic design. That’s why we call the new one the R-55e as opposed to a new model entirely. Most of the parts are interchangeable.”
The new R-55e was released in September and made its debut at the NAB Radio show in San Diego.
Another Wheatstone executive said of the new board, “We have taken the best feature set from each console and updated the look to get the R-55e.” The new model also adds illuminated LED switches and a flip-up meterbridge that provides direct access to I/O connectors and logic programming dipswitches.