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AudioBurst Offers Searchable News Talk Content

Beta site allows users to search and share news talk content in real-time

The advent of the Internet has made almost everything shareable; we can now add talk radio shows to that list with the new beta site, AudioBurst. This new curation site makes talk radio show content searchable and shareable in real time and offers radio show owners distribution channels and unlimited shelflife for that content, the company says.

The website was created by AudioBurst, a company whose goal, it says, is to organize the world’s audio information with products for Internet users, radio broadcasters, publishers, app developers and more. Under the hood, the AudioBurst Engine transcribes and understands the meaning of auditory content in real time, making it possible to populate the AudioBurst website.

Using radio stations across the U.S. as a resource, the AudioBurst Engine captures audio segments called “bursts” that are uploaded to the website. Visitors can then search content on entertainment, sports, politics or other themes and share it on social media or embed into blogs. In addition, AudioBurst offers a premium partnership with radio stations where they will receive a minimum of three bursts a week promoted on the website and social media.

“The Internet has been remarkable to all kinds of content, but not so much with regards to radio,” said Amir Hirsh, CEO and co-founder of AudioBurst. “With, we are looking to change this.”

The AudioBurst website is the first property to be released by AudioBurst. The site was launched in September.