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Audion Reduces Pricing on VoxPro PC

Audion Reduces Pricing on VoxPro PC

Audion Laboratories has reduced pricing for several products in its VoxPro PC digital voice editor family and is emphasizing the product’s content management capabilities.
The company also said it is enhancing its VoxPro PC Software by including VoxPro PC Network as a part of its price.
First, it is reducing the estimated retail price of VoxPro PC Software and VoxPro PC Control Panel by about 25 percent, to $999 each, effective June 30. “This means that retail customers will save approximately $300 on the estimated retail price of each product, depending on the product purchased,” it stated. Reseller pricing varies.
VoxPro PC Software also now includes VoxPro PC Network functionality, enabling two or more workstations to link for file transfer among work group members.
Audion President Tyrone Noble made the announcement.
“What makes our product so unique is its ability to connect together every studio that has a VoxPro PC workstation. Using their existing station’s network – NT, Novell or peer-to-peer – a station can use VoxPro to create one huge content management system that shares recordings instantaneously and easily copies or moves files from studio to studio for archiving or further editing and play in almost real time.
“Regional engineers tell us this is super-important. Our capabilities take us beyond being a phone or voice editor; we become a content management and distribution system.”

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