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AudioScience Replaces ASI4344 Audio Adapter, Adds New Features

AudioScience Replaces ASI4344 Audio Adapter, Adds New Features

AudioScience debuted the ASI6044 audio adapter, which replaces the ASI4344 and offers additional signal processing features such as multiple streams of MP3 playback/record.
ASI6044 provides four balanced stereo outputs, four balanced stereo inputs, four record streams and up to eight play streams. Additional format choices aside from MP3 include MP2, Dolby AC2 playback and linear PCM. The company says its analog circuitry uses 24-bit over sampling converters to deliver more than 100 dB of dynamic range with THD+N better than 0.002 percent.
The adapter supports AudioScience’s MRX and TSX technology. The company says MRX enables playback, recording and digital mixing of multiple audio streams of any sample rate to a 1Hz precision. TSX time scaling can be used on the audio playback streams to expand or compress audio in real-time by up to 20 percent, while maintaining pitch and clarity.
“The ability to simultaneously record, play and mix multiple streams of various formats and sample rates, including MP3, offers unprecedented flexibility to broadcast applications,” said the company’s president and co-founder.
Additionally, AudioScience’s ASI4342 is being replaced by the ASI6012. The ASI6012 card has one stereo input and two stereo outputs, and offers many of the ASI6000 series features listed above.
The ASI6044 will be available Jan. 2005. The ASI6012 is currently available. Drivers are provided for Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP and Linux.
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