AudioScience Will Have CobraNet, SSX

AudioScience Will Have CobraNet, SSX
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AudioScience plans to debut two technologies during the NAB Radio Show in San Diego. The first is a prototype ASI6400 CobraNet PCI audio adapter, the second is surround sound extensions, or SSX, which the company is adding to its ASI5000 series of products.
The ASI6400 series is a broadcast-specific line of PCI audio adapters that provide CobraNet audio networking. Using a Texas Instruments 32-bit floating point DSP, with Cirrus Logic's CS1810XX CobraNet interface, enables the card to simultaneously record and play 16 mono or eight stereo streams of 24-bit audio over a 100 Mbps Ethernet network. Features of AudioScience's other ASI6000 series adapters are included, such as MPEG Layer 2 and 3 compression, MRX multi-rate mixing, TSX time scaling and flexible mixing.
The surround sound extensions to the ASI5000 series of audio adapters enable them to play and record multi-channel streams with up to eight channels of audio. Two multi-channel streams may be mixed to one physical output using the same mixer model and Microsoft-compatible APIs as other AudioScience products operating in mono/stereo mode.
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