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AudioTX Has Monitor Select Via WAN

AudioTX Has Monitor Select Via WAN

AudioTX is promoting a new system called Multiplex as a replacement for audio ringmain, monitor select or source select applications in broadcast buildings and installations.
One or more server PCs take in multiple, live audio sources and “broadcast” these across an existing network such as a LAN or WAN, the company said.
“Any PC on your network can then run the small and efficient ‘receiver,’ which allows the user to select and listen to any channel,” it stated. This works in the background so the PC can be used as normal.
The company said the Multiplex system allows all staffers access to a company’s ringmain distribution, which it said offers advantages over multipair or RF-modulated coax-based systems.
“In today’s broadcast environment, every member of staff and every desk has a PC; and with AudioTX Multiplex, that also means instant access to your ringmain.” Adding an audio channel, modifying an existing one or changing the transmission quality of a channel is a simple matter, it said.
Networked PCs running the receiver need sound cards so users can listen. The receiver application is a small bar with channel select, mute, volume and audio level meters; it can be run in “tray mode” with a small icon next to the system clock. The receiver can also be used on studio or workstation PCs allowing the audio channels to be used as a recording or transmission source.
AudioTX says audio can be broadcast as MP3 or MP2 compressed channels, or linear. Pre-recorded audio can be broadcast as WAV files.