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Australia: ACMA Extends Digital Trials

DAB+ trial licenses extended 12 months in Canberra and Darwin

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has announced that it will extend the DAB+ digital radio trail licenses in Canberra and Darwin for another 12 months. In addition, it will look into how digital radio may become permanent in those areas with the formation of the Digital Radio Planning Committee for Regional Australia.

Commercial Radio Australia is the trial licensee for Canberra and Darwin; the trial began in 2010. The CRA applied for the license renewal on behalf of ABC, SBS and all commercial broadcasters.

“The commercial radio industry is buoyed by the support from ACMA on the extension of the Darwin and Canberra trials, and the Communications Department for the announcement of the Digital Radio Planning Committee for Regional Australia,” said Joan Warner, CRA’s CEO. “We’re working with our industry colleagues on the planning for the first committee meeting.”