Avid, Netia Consolidates New Zealand's Mediaworks Operations

The independent broadcaster is combining Netia’s Media Assist suite with Avid’s iNews for the job
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For the past two years New Zealand’s largest independent broadcaster had been considering on moving all of its television and radio assets into one workflow, in order to improve its brand’s productivity in bringing content to the air and to digital platforms.

It was decided that Mediaworks would employ Netia’s Media Assist software package throughout its radio departments and integrate it with Avid’s iNews, which is in use by its television stations.

“Using Netia software in conjunction with iNews, MediaWorks will be able to reduce its reliance on manual operations, boost content transfer between its radio and TV departments, and ultimately realize an optimal return on its assets,” said Alexandre Martinez, pre-sales engineer at Netia.

Mediaworks journalists from sites across New Zealand can now connect to servers to pull content from each other. The Netia software facilitates ingest, editing, scheduling, broadcast, multicast, archiving, data security, and administration–all with a single user interface. Media Assist tools will also allow radio journalists to pull from the audio assets used by television journalists through iNews.


Netia Cites RTBF Sales

Netia said the public broadcaster serving the French-speaking area of southern Belgium has built its radio production and broadcast operations around the Radio-Assist suite of digital audio software products.