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Award-Winner: Arrakis ARC-8 Series Radio Consoles

In baseball, they say even the little guys can bring a lot of "pop."

Radio World this month profiles the recipients of our 2010 “Cool Stuff” Award.

In baseball, they say even the little guys can bring a lot of “pop.” The ARC-8 fits that description for remote applications, live air, simple production, podcasts and streaming.

It has a small profile and low price tag, yet it incorporates 10 source inputs to eight input channels; a single stereo mixing bus with both balanced and unbalanced inputs; PC USB output of the program bus for recording to your PC; monitor/headphone/cue system with external input for off-air monitoring; cue system autocues with program dimming into the monitor and headphone systems; and balanced mix-minus telco output.

Photo by Jim Peck Judges appreciated details like the clever built-in PC USB sound card on Channel 8B to play in digital directly from your favorite PC audio software. The program output from the console records in digital over the USB directly to your PC recording software. Digilink-Xtreme software is included to get you on the air doing production immediately.

Allen Harrison, Ben Palmer, Melissa Freeman and Mike Palmer show it off.

Price: $1,200 (Sale $799 at press time)
Shipping: Now
Info: Ben Palmer, (970) 461-0730, [email protected],