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Award-Winner: Axia Audio iQ Console + Router System

IP audio and low cost are a powerful combo.

Radio World this month profiles the recipients of our 2010 “Cool Stuff” Award.

IP audio and low cost are a powerful combo.

Axia Audio says its iQ console/routing system can help you get started with IP audio. The package includes control surface, DSP-based mixing engine, analog, AES and Livewire audio I/O, machine-control logic, Ethernet switch and optional backup power supply.

“Connect the iQ surface to the Core with a single cable, add audio inputs, perform some fast Web-based configuration, and your iQ system is ready to broadcast,” suitable for standalone studios and ready to connect to a network.

Sizes are 8 to 24 faders. The console has three dedicated stereo program busses plus a fourth for phone calls, off-air recording or utility mixing. There’s automatic mix-minus on every fader, Show Profiles that recall talent settings, Record Mode one-touch recording and Talkback.

Price: 8-fader console, $6,995; 14-fader system with telco controls + 6-line iQ6 Phone system, $11,980
Shipping: Third quarter
Info: (216) 241-7225 or