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Award-Winner: BW Broadcast RX1 and RBRX1 Receivers

Pro receivers including one for translator applications

Radio World this month profiles the recipients of our 2010 “Cool Stuff” Award.

BW Broadcast, which has an established line of audio processors, transmitters, RDS encoders and audio over IP gear, adds a pair of professional receivers suitable for station monitoring, re-broadcasting and re-encoding.

Both allow the user to monitor stations using a capacitive touch front panel, accessing information on signal strength, IF bandwidth, modulation, stereo blend and ultrasonic noise.

“With over 50 parameters to adjust on the RX1 and RBRX1, combined with the OLED front panel — which also displays the RDS information received, station ID and frequency — monitoring and adjusting processing has never been so easy.”

The RBRX1 is a “re-broadcasting” receiver. Its capabilities, combined with a built-in RDS encoder, allow you to monitor audio quality while re-transmitting received RDS information or changing it for more relevant information.

The DSP-enhanced MPX output reconstructs a clean peak level and bandwidth limited waveform; BW emphasizes that this lets you stop worrying about studio-transmitter link overshoots.

“Furthermore, the ability to adjust the IF bandwidth and an automatic adjust setting allow for protection from unwanted interference. The RDS PI code can also be employed so that if the code of the audio received does not match that set, either the AES/EBU digital and analog inputs, or built-in flash memory can be used to prevent any unwanted re-broadcasts.”

This switching can be used automatically on the back of Plan B silence technology, which will change to the inputs/flash memory in the event of loss of signal.

Rob Kidd and Brendan Lofty hoist their plaque.

Price: RX1 $1,395; RBRX1 $1,995
Shipping: End of May
Info: Adam Hall, [email protected],