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Axia Adds Japan Rep

Foti to speak in Canada

The Telos Alliance has announced that its Axia Audio wing has signed the Space Creators Alliance of Tokyo as Japanese distributors of their IP-based consoles, routers and intercom equipment.

Ken Skok, Asia-Pacific region sales manager for the Telos Alliance said “Hiroyuki Ishihara and his crew are dedicated professionals who have seen first-hand the benefits of IP-Audio and networked studios.”

This is the first Axia distributorship located in Japan, though that market has been serviced previously by some reps in neighboring countries, according to an Axia spokesman.

In other Telos Alliance news, Frank Foti, president of Omnia Audio, will be speaking to the Western Association of Broadcasters convention in Edmonton, Alberta on Nov. 7.

His topic will be “Cool Processing Stuff for FM: LoIMD, Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier (SSBSC) and How to Be ‘1 Louder.’”