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Axia and WideOrbit Agree

WideOrbit Automation compatible with Axia IP Audio

The latest version of WideOrbit’s Automation for Radio suite is compatible with Axia Livewire IP audio structure and compatible hardware, the companies have announced.

WideOrbit CEO and founder Eric Mathewson said, “Our next generation integration with Axia enables a significant reduction in hardware investment and complexity for our radio automation clients.”

Axia Livewire operates over Cat-5 cabling via IP and Axia-compatible mixers, routers and inputs.

The announcement quotes WideOrbit and Axia Livewire user Dale Miller of West Virginia Radio saying, “Our organization has seen first-hand the benefits of tightly integrating playout systems and audio networking infrastructure. Reduced installation costs through the elimination of sound cards and router input ports, greater control of automation and network audio sources, and smoother day-to-day operations are just a few of the benefits of this enhanced interoperability.”