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Axia Eases Livewire Technology Licensing

Livewire Limitless License is available to equipment manufacturers and developers

Axia Audio, part of the Telos Alliance, is making it easier and cheaper to be a Livewire audio over IP equipment manufacturer or software developer. Called Livewire Limitless License or L3, this new license brings the price down and offers a basic all-you-can-eat for product developers.

Axia has approximately 30 Livewire partners and says it is looking for more. The company says some 25,000 Livewire-compatible devices are in the field.

President Michael Dosch said, “Companies who become Livewire partners have instant access to a huge installed base … We’re removing the per-unit licensing barrier, to make Livewire affordable for everyone.”

He says with L3, Axia is publishing its designs, opening its source code and sharing specification documents and development information with its partners. “Right now, we’re developing an online forum to share information and encourage the growth of ideas. We hope that this will even spur kitchen-table technologists to come up with their own new ideas and networked products.”