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Axia for Hitrádio FM Plus and Hitrádio Dragon

Czech Republic stations turn to iQ audio consoles and QOR.32 integrated console engines

Hitrádio FM Plus and Hitrádio Dragon, located in Pilsen in the Czech Republic, have equipped their studios with Axia iQ networked audio consoles and QOR.32 integrated console engines.

Axia representatives in Prague, Media Marketing Services provided the installation and integration of the Axia gear. The sale included Axia iQ AoIP mixing consoles with expansion frames, networked DSP mixing engines and a variety of Axia Audio nodes.

“Pilsen is the home of the original Pilsner beer … The successful launch of Axia at Dragon and FM Plus was celebrated by the engineers in the local pub by ordering roasted duck with dumplings and cabbage and — of course — a ‘půllitr’ of Pilsner,” said David Beck, chief engineer of Media Marketing Services.

It is possible to order iQ consoles in sizes from 8 to 24 faders, with expansion frames that host phone controls, programmable user keys and more, says the company. The companion QOR.32 integrated mixing engine is a fanless, convection-cooled console engine with audio I/O, console CPU, logic, mix engine, power supply and a built-for-broadcast, zero-configuration Ethernet switch. Backup power with auto-switching is also available.