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Axia for TiMedia Radio, TV Stations

Swiss media outlet upgrades with Element and Radius consoles

TiMedia, of Switzerland, has completed a studio rebuild that utilizes mixing consoles and IP audio networking equipment from Axia Audio for both radio and TV broadcasts.

Located in Ticino, Switzerland, close to the Italian border, TiMedia is the parent company of Radio 3i and television station Tele Ticino. Swiss Axia representatives Decibel SA designed and installed TiMedia’s Axia network, which consists of a mix of Axia Element modular mixing consoles with Axia StudioEngines and Radius mixers featuring QOR.16 integrated console engines, along with Axia audio interface nodes and assorted IP audio networking hardware and software.

“We installed the first two Element consoles in 2011 for Radio 3i, and then a large Element for the Tele Ticino television studio,” said Decibel’s Jean-Pascal Ruch. “This worked so well that we later added a Radius console for their journalists’ production room.”

According to Mattia Ghidoni, technical manager for Radio 3i and Tele Ticino, the Axia IP-Audio network serves TiMedia well. “Having the TV and radio audio in the same network makes it very easy to share or exchange audio content between our TV and our Radio channels,” said Ghidoni. He also noted that he “likes very much the expandability of [the] Axia system.” Axia IP audio networks are based on standard Ethernet, and each system expands to carry more than 10,000 stereo audio streams, with related PAD and machine control data.