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Axia IP-Audio Driver Upgrade Supports 24 Stereo Streams

Axia Audio released version of its IP-Audio Driver for Windows.

Axia Audio released version of its IP-Audio Driver for Windows.

Added features include an increased the number of supported streams from 16 to 24 in the OEM version available from Axia Software Partners. Broadcasters using a previous version are encouraged to obtain the update, which is available for free to registered users.

Axia’s IP-Audio Driver lets users extract digital audio from a standard PC without a sound card. A PC with the IP-Audio Driver becomes an Axia “audio node”; its Ethernet port connects to the Livewire network, and the Axia driver handles the necessary audio conversions.

The PC then sends stereo audio to a network destination, and simultaneously records or auditions other network sources.

Additional highlights include audio metering, clipping and silence detection functions; and enhanced real-time monitoring of audio stream statistics.

The Axia IP-Audio Driver comes in two versions: a one-input, one-output version for use with audio editing workstations, and a 24-in/24-out version available from Axia Delivery System partners. Users of the single-stream IP-Audio Driver may download a software update from; users with the multi-stream version can obtain the update from their delivery system provider.