Axia Is New Subsidiary of Telos Systems

Axia Is New Subsidiary of Telos Systems
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Professional networked audio products will the focus of Axia, a subsidiary of manufacturer Telos Systems, which announced the new company Friday (April 9). It said Mike Dosch will serve as Axia president; he joined Telos in 1999 and is a former console designer and general manager for PR&E.
Products include digital audio routing switchers, mixing engines and console control surfaces, networked using the company's Livewire Ethernet technology. Axia products are modular and scalable. Installation uses Cat-6 cable and RJ-45 connections.
CEO Steve Church stated in the announcement that client response to the core Axia technology has been positive. "We decided that this could not just be another Telos product line."
With Axia, Dosch said, "Audio, logic, routine IP traffic and even PAD data for digital radio and RBDS are all conveyed over the same net. This simple approach dramatically reduces infrastructure costs."


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Telos Systems-Omnia-Axia — Denny Sanders

Because the company has a remarkable amount of former broadcasters on staff, we feel that it is only natural to view the relationship with our clients as more of a partnership when it comes to the integrity of their operation.