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Axia Unveils Compact Element

Axia has expanded its range of Element consoles.
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Axia has expanded its range of Element consoles.

“Axia clients asked us for a ‘mini-Element’ — a console with a smaller footprint and just a few faders, suitable for use in newsbooths, dubbing stations and as workstation mixers,” said Axia President Michael Dosch. “Now we offer Element in configurations as small as two faders, in a very small package.”

According to Axia, more than 400 Element consoles are in use in on-air studios. The company introduced the Element in 2005.

With the development of the new Element 2-Fader+Monitor module, users can set up consoles in configurations from two to 10 faders.

Axia will unveil the Element 2-Fader+Monitor Module at NAB2007, and start shipping it during the third quarter of 2007.