Aztec Allows Remote Supervision

Aztec Allows Remote Supervision
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Digigram is touting its new Aztec FMTEL5 FM radio monitoring and control system, an "intelligent" FM tuner and RDS receiver that comes with Aztec Radiomedia IP2 remote control technology.
It enables the remote supervision of multiple FM transmissions and their respective RF, audio and RDS parameters. IP2 technology permits high-level open administration via common browsers and standard Internet services.
Supervised parameters for each of the selected frequencies are assigned reference values, maximum and minimum limits and accepted durations. Out-of-bounds events generate alarms that can be monitored via IP protocols.


Audemat-Aztec Adds Broadcast Manager

Audemat-Aztec will demonstrate Broadcast Manager software that centralizes management of GoldenEagle HD and the company’s transmitter remote control units, IP2Choice and Silver Remote Control.