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Backbone Touts Use of MPEG-4 AAC Online

Backbone Touts Use of MPEG-4 AAC Online

Backbone Networks Corporation said fans of Grand Slam tennis are able to tune in to the Internet and listen to radio coverage of the 2003 French Open Tennis championship in Paris.
TransNET Sports Radio Network is providing the Webcast using Backbone Radio Pro production and streaming software.
This marks one of the first international sports broadcasts using MPEG-4 AAC to reach a worldwide audience, according to Backbone.
Backbone Internet Radio software application uses MPEG-4 as its primary streaming format.
“The new worldwide standard delivers dramatically higher audio quality coupled with significantly faster
compression speed,” it stated. “Version 2.0 builds upon Apple’s QuickTime 6, which recently introduced MPEG-4 compatibility. Defined by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), MPEG-4 is the new worldwide standard for next-generation multimedia, including streaming for audio and
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