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Bad Commercial? In a Sow’s Ear

Bad Commercial? In a Sow’s Ear

What’s the worst radio commercial in America?
If you’re like us at Radio World, you probably think you’ve heard the worst radio commercial in America any number of times; after all, no one is more critical than another radio person.
Well, Jeffrey Hedquist wants to hear it. He’s president and creative director of Hedquist Productions in Iowa and he plans to issue an award in a competition called The Sow’s Ear Award.
“I want their worst because I need examples for a future project that, I hope, will benefit everyone in radio,” he said in his announcement.
“Maybe you cringed as you heard it on your way to work this morning, maybe your competitor created it, maybe you did it yourself because one of your clients ‘forced’ you, or maybe it was written by your client.
“On the other hand, maybe you’re the client and an agency, production house or broadcast station created a monster for you,” said Hedquist, who has contributed to trade publications including Radio World.
Spots must actually have aired on radio and be in English. They can be sent as MP3 files to [email protected] or recorded on CD and mailed to arrive by Oct. 1. He’ll also accept written scripts if that’s all that is available.
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