Bail Jim Withers Out of Jail and Help MDA

Bail Jim Withers Out of Jail and Help MDA
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Radio owner/engineer Jim Withers is raising money to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
Withers, who also contributes to Radio World, has Muscular Dystrophy himself and is a familiar sight in his wheelchair when attending industry trade shows. “Each year, I offer to get involved in some way helping the MDA, since those folks are really good people and do a lot for the kids who have this disease and are really in pretty tough shape,” he tells RW. He’s taking part in the Tackle Muscular Dystrophy Executive Lock-Up to help "Jerry's Kids.”
Withers is hoping to raise $1,300 before he is thrown in “jail” Nov. 2 as part of an MDA fundraiser. (“I told them most of the people I know would just as soon lock me up in a real jail,” Withers wrote.) If he reaches the target amount, he wins tickets to a Rams NFL game, which he plans to donate to a family with a child who has MD.
Interested readers can visit his Web site for more info.


Jim Cowan

Jim was a caring, genuinely nice person and will be missed by many people both in and out of our industry.