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Balsys Picks Up SystemsStore in Radio Web Commerce Deal

Balsys Picks Up SystemsStore in Radio Web Commerce Deal

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In a deal affecting the supply side of the industry, Balsys Technology Group says it has purchased the assets of SystemsStore from RDA Group Inc.
RDA has been operating since 2000 and had closed its other businesses in 2002.
Florida-based Balsys said it’s a good deal because the site “has established itself as a premier online source of technical tools and supplies for the broadcast, professional audio, video, telecom and IT industries.”
The site carries products from various parts and product manufacturers. Balsys CEO Larry Lamoray said it will now add additional lines. He called “a pioneer of the webstore concept” and “the only convenient source for ‘cable by the foot.’”
Balsys reached the deal with RDA President Rick Dearborn, who founded Dearborn is now a technology radio program host.
This expands the Balsys business lineup. The company also comprises Balsys Technology Group, which does studio and RF systems integrations, and Balsys Wood Arts, which makes custom studio furniture.