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Bangladesh to Establish Community Radio in All Sub Districts

Next steps after two-year program designed to strengthen Bangladesh community radio

After 28 months, Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication and Free Press Unlimited’s plan, “Pioneering, Connecting & Empowering Voices for Change–Strengthening Community Radio in Bangladesh to Fight Poverty and Promote Development,” supported by the European Union, came to a close in May.

At a recent meeting, the Minister of Information for the government of Bangladesh, Hasanul Haq Inu, revealed plans to continue the program’s mission.

“The Ministry of Information will take initiatives to set up community radio in every upazila (sub district) and will consider limited commercial advertisement for survival of community radios soon,” said the Minister. As a result 488 upazilas will be covered by community radio operation.

According to the Minister, the Ministry of Information will also consider the community radio fund and a review of the community radio policy of 2008 for sustainability of the community radios.

Secretary of the Ministry of Information, Martuza Ahmed also spoke. “Community radios in Bangladesh have been working to ensure right of information for marginalized people for their empowerment, as well as to reflect that information to the government and other policymakers of the country.