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Bantam Has Portable Hard-Drive Product

Bantam Has Portable Hard-Drive Product

Bantam Interactive is touting its BA1000, which ships in March. It is marketed as a full-featured portable hard-drive to listen to FM radio, music or e-books.
President Santosh Patel said, “The digital audio market has exploded.”
The stainless-steel case has an MP3 encoder that allows music dubbing without a PC. Features include FM radio and voice recording, and a customizable horizontal or vertical LCD with backlight.
USB 2.0 lets it transfer files 40 times faster than standard USB connections, the company said. The unit includes a lithium-polymer battery that recharges while downloading and promises 16 hours of battery life. The BA1000 can be used as a portable hard drive to back up and transfer files. Users can store up to 1,800 Windows Media Audio files, depending on the chosen drive. Price: $229 to $329. Info: