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Barix Enables Broadcasters to Encode, Decode at Multiple Ops

Barix Enables Broadcasters to Encode, Decode at Multiple Ops

Barix says it will debut the next phase of its Instreamer and Exstreamer audio encoding and decoding products at IBC 2006 in Amsterdam. The systems offer scalability for IP audio decoding, distribution, encoding and monitoring by using IP links and standard protocols for audio streaming and delivery.
The Instreamer-100 encodes audio from analog and digital devices into MP3 format in real-time for point-to-point or multipoint delivery over the Internet or IP-based systems. The serial port in the Instreamer-100 allows the operator to remotely control additional devices over the same network connection from any location.
The Exstreamer-100 decodes the audio at the receiving address. Like previous models, it is a network-based audio decoder that pulls digital audio from an IP network and converts it to music or voice. Unlike previous models, it offers redundancy through automatic switchover to backup streams or USB playback if the main stream is unavailable.
Barix says radio groups can cost-effectively encode, monitor and decode audio for on-air operations at multiple stations, or prepare podcasts to reach new audiences.
The company also offers customer-programmable software versions of the Instreamer-100 and Exstreamer-100, which allows system integrators and OEMs to develop their own applications in a network-, audio- or USB-flash environment such as scheduling announcers, call sign generators or network or I/O triggered alarming devices with supervision.