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Barix Offers Exstreamer Gold Decoder

Barix Offers Exstreamer Gold Decoder

Barix, which specializes in IP audio streaming technology, is promoting the Exstreamer Gold, a real-time audio decoder with an amplifier built in and a speaker output.
It communicates over a standard network connection with PCs, digital audio servers, Internet radio stations and analog audio sources, with heightened power when used with a Barix Instreamer real-time audio encoder at the origination point.
Serving as an MP3 player, it can pull digital audio from a network and convert it to music or voice. The simple controls use a standard Web browser such as a PC, palm device or the Barix IR remote control accessory. Exstreamer Gold can be configured with various audio outputs including two-channel stereo, analog RC, coaxial or optical S/PDIF.
The Exstreamer Gold is part of a product line that also includes the traditional Exstreamer, Exstreamer Wireless for network use and Exstreamer Digital. These products can also handle uncompressed audio.