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Barix Saves Talking Information Center Money

Nonprofit cites 'enormous' savings by using new STL approach.

Barix is talking up its recent work for the Talking Information Center in Marshfield, Mass., a nonprofit radio reading service for visually-impaired persons.

The center had been spending tens of thousands of dollars yearly to distribute its signal to six affiliates in Massachusetts; a recent move to Barix IP technology made a difference in costs, the supplier said.

According to Ron Bersani, executive director of the state-funded service, said expense of DDS lines went up $9,000 in six years, “and there was no end in sight.” The estimated savings are $25,000 per year with the Barix system.

For a nonprofit, he said, such cost savings “are enormous.”

The Barix equipment includes Instreamer-100 encoders at the center and Exstreamer 100 decoders at receiving affiliates. The service has expanded to include Internet streaming.

“We replaced our streaming computers at each location with Barix Instreamers, which encode and stream the radio services directly into the Internet for our regional listeners,” Bersani said.