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Barix, StreamGuys Cite Partnership’s First Broadcast Clients

Barix, StreamGuys Cite Partnership’s First Broadcast Clients

Barix AG has sold and delivered Instreamer and Exstreamer IP audio encoding and decoding devices to Vermont Public Radio and to public broadcaster WMHT in the Capital District of New York.
The deliveries are the first through an alliance with StreamGuys Inc., a content delivery network. The agreement allows StreamGuys to offer hardware for broadcasting and receiving streaming media over the Internet, using products from Barix. Barix makes IP-based audio, intercom and control/monitoring products.
In the partnership, the companies say, Barix acts as a stream converter and StreamGuys is a stream distributor. They say broadcasters and syndication services that now use satellites for distribution are candidate clients for this Internet-based, no-PC approach.
Vermont Public Radio offers streaming of state legislative sessions; it plans to update its PC-based system with the Instreamer to carry its signal from the state house to the capital news bureau and then to StreamGuys for broadcast over the Internet. VPR may also use the system for transmitter confidence monitoring and multi-room broadcasting in large industrial buildings that have poor reception.
WMHT uses the system to send streams of its three radio signals, including a radio reading service.