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BAS Frequency Coordinator Named for Political Events

Broadcast frequency coordination group says networks, political parties onboard

The FCC named Lou Libin broadcast auxiliary service frequency coordinator for the upcoming political conventions and presidential inauguration.

Libin is chairman of the frequency coordinating committee for the 2012 political conventions (POLOCOMM-2012) and will be the point of contact during the Republican National Convention, Democratic National Convention and the 2013 presidential inauguration.

Concerned that uncoordinated use of auxiliary broadcast stations using STAs might result in spectrum congestion and interference, the commission designated auxiliary broadcast frequency coordinators and required prior coordination of all BAS operations during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, the 2004 national political conventions and the 2005 presidential inauguration.

The agency wants to do the same thing with the upcoming events, saying government officials and public safety agencies too, have extensive communication needs during these events.

POLOCOMM-2012, the ad hoc frequency coordination group established by the broadcast networks, asked the FCC to designate Libin as a special frequency coordinator and RF spectrum manager for the three events. The group says it has the consent of all the domestic broadcast networks as well as the leadership of both political parties.

Broadcast frequency coordination will occur for the three events as follows: the Republican National Convention, Aug. 27–30, in Tampa, Fla., the Democratic National Convention, Sept. 2–5 in Charlotte, N.C. and the 2013 Inaugural, Jan. 20–26 in Washington.

All short-term auxiliary broadcast use under Part 74 for the three events shall be coordinated in advance through Libin at: [email protected]