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Bay Fined For No Station IDs

Bay Fined For No Station IDs

The FCC fined Bay Broadcasting Corp. $1,500 for failing to air legal station identification announcements on KBBR(AM), North Bend, Ore. The commission also admonished Bay for using a long wire antenna without FCC authorization and for operating the transmitter from an unauthorized location on KHSN(AM) in Coos Bay.

Bay said it missed airing it legal IDs for two days in September ’99 because of a glitch in the station’s software automation program and because the station was not staffed.

As for KHSN, Bay said it had requests for STAs pending at the FCC to relocate the station and for the use of the antenna. The STAs were granted April 5.

Bay was fined, the commission said, “because it chose to violate the rule rather than pay to have staff available to make the (ID) announcements.”

Bay had 30 days (from May 31) to explain why the fine should be reduced or cancelled.

Leslie Stimson