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Bayerischer Rundfunk Streamlines With 2wcom

FMC01 contribution/distribution system optimizes FM quality

The public broadcasting authority of Bavaria, Bayerischer Rundfunk, has begun installing 2wcom’s FMC01 MPX contribution and distribution system.

The FMC01 combines encoder and decoder functions and enables the broadcaster to send a complete FM MPX signal via E1 or Internet protocol. The unit also features lossless audio encoding/decoding and optimizes bandwidth technology for FM quality.

With the FMC01, the MPX can be generated at a central site for the entire network, and it also includes Forward Error Correction, enabling broadcasters to create a distribution system that delivers the same signal from each transmitter.

Bayerischer Rundfunk needs one stereo generator and one RDS Encoder at its central studio in Munich to generate the signal for each channel. All FM MPX signals for the broadcaster’s 11 radio channels will be forwarded via E1 using the FMC01 in encoder mode.

At 16 sites, the broadcaster will transmit five different programs, equipped with two units of FMC01 in decoder mode per program, with additional redundancy provided via audio over satellite transmission and/or rebroadcast-receiver.

Ten sites will each be equipped with two FMC01s in decoder mode, with redundancy provided via rebroadcast-receiver. At the FM-playout location, one FMC01 Encoder, one Stereo-Generator and one RDS-Encoder is required for each one of the five programs, with duplication for redundancy.