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Bayern Digital Restructures Network

Bavarian digital coverage remains stable, says the firm

Bayern Digital Radio GmbH has restructured the distribution network for its channel 12D in Bavaria and the local network in Ingolstadt, according to the company’s website.

The current network consists of 26 locations, and 16 have an increased performance. The digital radio penetration rate in Bavaria has remained steady, explains the firm, with 88 percent of roads and 54 percent of homes covered. However, there were shifts within some individual regions. Inglostadt’s Channel 11A was reduced by one transmitter location in early 2014.

As digital radio is disseminated in Germany, the government has made an effort to keep distribution costs low for providers, and the restructured transmitter network is intended to reinforce those efforts. Bavaria currently has three network providers: Bayern Digital, Bayerische Rundfunk and Media Broadcast.

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