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BBC Cuts Radio Staff

Long-term reduction in staff to continue in radio restructuring

The BBC’s radio operations are undergoing further cuts in staffing levels, according to an article in The Telegraph.

A long-term reorganization plan for the Beeb requires it to cut its staff from 1,300 to 1,100 by 2017. Some of that will come through straight job eliminations and some will be through internal reorganization. The just announced cuts number 65.

The internal reorganization will place the various BBC outlets into two groups — “Pop Music” and “Classical Music and Speech Output” — for day-to-day operation and management. The broadcaster says that the regrouping will not affect programming or branding of the individual stations.

BBC Radio Director Helen Boaden said, “BBC Radio is the envy of the world and our creativity is second to none … But we must also be as small as we can be, to meet our savings challenges and increase our agility in the digital world without losing our distinctiveness or damaging relationships with our many audiences.”

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