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BBC Expands National DAB Transmitter Network

The broadcaster’s digital radio transmitters now cover 95 percent of the U.K.

As part of its plan for digital radio network expansion, the BBC has added 20 more DAB transmitters, bringing the total number to 299, covering 95 percent of the United Kingdom population. The BBC’s goal is to bring another 2 million people into the coverage area and increasing coverage to 97 percent by the end of 2015.

According to the broadcaster, areas like Ashburton, Stamford and Folkestone are now receiving improved reception; while St. Just, Clun, Moffat and Innerleithen are being served for the first time by its national DAB network.

In total, the transmitters have added 138,000 homes to the coverage area and improved reception in 2 million, it said in a release.