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BBC Ukrainian Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Round-table discussion about past 25 years scheduled for June 9

It was on June 1, 1992 that the newly independent Ukraine started to receive short- and medium-wave radio broadcasts from BBC Ukrainian.

At the time, BBC Ukrainian was the first non-Russian language service BBC offered for the former Soviet Union. Now, BBC Ukrainian has expanded its services online, TV and social media.

As part of the celebration, a round-table discussion called “BBC Ukrainian @25: Reality Check Then and Now” will take place in Kiev on June 9. Participating in the discussion will be Artyom Liss, BBC World Service Europe editor; Nina Kuryata, BBC Ukrainian editor; Elisabeth Robson, Ukrainian service’s founding head. A number of Kiev-based journalists will also participate.

The conversation, which will cover things like the danger of fake news, will be broadcast by BBC Ukrainian on Facebook Live.

“BBC Ukrainian continues to deliver independent, trusted news and analysis from our journalists in Ukraine, Russia, the U.K. and from the rest of the BBC’s global newsgathering operation, putting the events in Ukraine and the wider region in the global perspective—and helping to tell Ukraine’s story to the rest of the world,” said BBC World Service Director Francesca Unsworth.